HVF Precious Metals is an industry leader in the destruction and incineration of sensitive and classified materials. Over the years we have provided these services for the Armed Forces and defense contractors.

In 2018 we put into service a new furnace with an incineration capacity of approximately 7,500 pounds per day. Our process surpasses the requirements of NSA Policy 9-12.
The furnace is capable of accepting:

hard disk drives
cellular phones
solar panels

solid state drives
memory cards
fax machines
other types of memory bearing equipment and related peripherals


The memory containing elements of the material charged to the furnace are reduced post incineration in size to smaller than 0.5mm. Metallic casings which are not liquefied during incineration are shredded post incineration reducing the size of these units to less than 3 inches. When incineration processing is completed, we will, if requested, provide a certificate of destruction.


Our facility is monitored 24/7 by armed security employees and video surveillance. As an additional security precaution, our incineration building is solely dedicated to the customer until its material has been incinerated. Should your personnel elect not to stand in the furnace building during any portion of the incineration process, we have also added a viewing facility equipped with video monitoring or the furnace with pan, tilt, and zoom functions. The viewing facility is located directly outside the entrance to the incineration building allowing full view of the incineration process – from charge to removal from the furnace. The viewing facility is equipped with electricity, air conditioning, conference table, work stations, refrigerator and beverages. Portable restrooms are available on site as well.

We welcome customers and prospective customers to visit our facility to review our capabilities and to discuss your incineration requirements.

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